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10 Most Beautiful Castles in Scotland

One of the best things about Scotland is that no matter where you find yourself, a castle is never far away. As integral to the Scottish landscape as its pristine lochs and lofty mountains, the country’s castles rank amongst the most iconic in the world.

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The Abandoned: what happened
to Kilchurn Castle?

Many Scottish castles tell the story of the changing times they lived through. It is quite common to find a castle that started life as a stronghold before being converted over the years to first a comfortable, then a showcase, home: or which was abandoned in favour of a nearby fine house when the struggle of conversion became too much trouble, and defence was no longer a priority.

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What should you visit
during you journey to Scotland?

Traveling to Scotland has been our bucket list for years, and we can’t wait to get there someday (hopefully soon). From trying haggis, hearing bagpipe melodies, visiting fairy tale castles, taking epic road trips to seeing men in kilts, we have a HUGE list of things to do in Scotland.